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Are you looking to register an LLC in New York? You’re likely to have many questions, but money may be your biggest concern. Here, we’ve consolidated all of the costs for you to see just how much it costs to start and maintain your LLC in New York. For more comprehensive information about registering an LLC in New York, check out our main article on the topic, but if you’re primarily interested in learning about the cost to form an LLC in New York, continue reading here.

Cost to Form an LLC in New York—Filing Fee: $200

In order to start an LLC in New York, you must fill out the Articles of Organization (Form 1336-F) for your business. The $200 filing fee is paid and processed by New York’s Department of State.

Cost to Form an LLC in New York—Publication Filing Fees: $50+

New York’s Department of State requires that a notice of your LLC’s formation, or a copy of your Articles of Organization, is published in two newspapers. The Department of State processes your Certificate of Publication (Form 1708-F) for a $50 fee. You will also be required to pay filing fees with each publication, which varies depending on your location. Fees to file in New York City can start at $1500 for a newspaper publication, but other areas such as Albany may charge as low as $80.

Cost to Form an LLC in New York—Biennial Report Fee: $9

Every two years you must file a biennial report for your LLC. The $9 biennial report is paid and processed online with New York’s Department of State.

Cost to Form an LLC in New York—Foreign LLC Filing Fee: $250

If your LLC is a Foreign LLC, meaning it was formed outside of New York but looking to conduct business in the state, then you must file an Application for Authority (Form 1361-F-A) with New York’s Department of State.

Cost to Form an LLC in New York—Partnership Annual Tax Filing Fee: $400

An LLC formed as a partnership for income tax purposes must also pay a $400 annual filing fee with New York’s Department of Taxation and Finance (Form IT-204-LL). This fee is only necessary if your LLC is treated as a partnership for taxes.

Cost to Form an LLC in New York—Other New York LLC Fees

Registered Agent Fee: $39+

In New York, the Department of State is automatically designated as your LLC’s registered agent. If you choose to hire an additional registered agent to handle fees and forms with your LLC, the costs of a registered agent start at $39. Not sure if you want or need an additional registered agent? You can read through the pros and cons of hiring a registered agent here.

New York LLC Naming Fee: $20

There is a $20 filing fee to reserve your name with New York’s Department of State. After filing the Application for Reservation of Name (Form 1233-F), your LLC’s name is reserved for 60 days.

Secondary New York LLC Naming Fee: $25

If you wish to do business with a second name for your LLC, then you will be required to file a Certificate of Assumed Name (Form 1338-F) with a $25 fee. A secondary name, known as a DBA (Doing Business As) has a variety of uses. If you are wondering whether or not you should use a DBA for your business, you can read our page on the subject.

Certified Copies of Documents: $10

You can obtain certified copies of your LLC documents through written requests with the New York Department of State for $10.

Certificate of Status for New York LLC: $25

Certain businesses and banks may require a Certificate of Status from your LLC.

A Certificate of Status (also known as a Certificate of Good Standing) can be obtained through a written request from the New York’s Department of State for $25. 

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