Business Credit Building Program

With an established business EIN (employer identification number), you are able to build and develop a credit profile that is attached to your business for a long-term funding solution.

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Business Credit Building

Quickly and efficiently develop your credit profile to help you grow and scale your business.

Benefits Of Utilizing Business Credit

Business Credit Building

Another Business Funding Option

Eighty percent (80%) of businesses fail within the first year due to undercapitalization. That number rises to ninety percent (90%) in the second year. Having funding options can be the difference in being successful or not making it as a business.

By utilizing business credit, you are able to fund your business with business credit rather than using personal credit and funds.

High Limits, Low Interest Rates

With a well-established business credit score, loans and credit card limits are often much higher than those offered for individuals. Not only can you get high limits or amounts, but interest rates are also offered at a much lower rate. Funding your business at zero to two percent (0–2%) interest is very common and can help you grow and scale your business quickly.

Personal & Business Finance Separation

When you start a business, not only do you want to separate yourself from the business legally, but you want to separate yourself from the business financially as well.

By establishing your business credit score, and utilizing business credit, you are able to separate your personal and business finances. This gives you more protection and less financial liability within your business.


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We have been super impressed with the knowledge and experience of our credit coach! He is always reachable by phone/email when we need something. We have talked on a schedule regularly for several months and haven’t missed a call. The instructions are very clear on what you need to do to get your business credit started successfully. By following his instructions we feel we are on the right path to having a successful business credit score which will open so many doors for our business.
Bethany A

Business Credit Client