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Business Formation Clients

“Overall satisfaction with communication with this business staff is amazing. One of the staff members come to check in with you every 2 weeks to make sure that all the procedure are being met with assurance. The friendliness of the employees is on point every single time and always easy to have a conversation. They do a great job of providing service to people who need to start on their business. Amazing work!”
Yashimu M

They are spot on with all the scheduled learning meetings. Any and all documents were turned around promptly and efficiently with personal copies. The communication from all the team members is friendly, helpful, and timely. I believe they truly care about our success. The most impressive thing for me is they under promise and over deliver with their customer services. A refreshing quality that is rare in today’s competitive climate.
Jerry M

I  was referred to PRIME by a business associate. At first, I was anxious and unsure about the company. Now I am confident I made the right choice. PRIME representatives are very friendly and informative. They were very patient with my questions and explained everything very clearly. This is very important to me since I am venturing into unknown territory. The sent my request for LLC out promptly and I received it within a week. I think their best attribute is their friendliness and knowledge

Dan D

5-star service. When they tell you they are putting you on the top of their priority list, they actually do. They take the time to further explain certain things and are happy to do so. I came with little understanding of what I was getting into and came out with all questions answered. The employees all are very nice and seem to genuinely care about the service they are providing. I feel this is also due to the fact that they know how big of a role they are playing in a very important part of people’s lives.
Sean G

I have had an amazing experience with Prime. The team that has been provided to me is great. I received my LLC approval documents within 3 days, the communication between my team and I are awesome, they have been able to answer all of my questions. Everyone I speak with has a great attitude and is willing to help. My team at Prime is not only concerned with my success but also wants to see me succeed.”
Trevor J

Our experience with PRIME has been very good! Everyone is very professional and courteous. They are very good to answer any questions during the meeting and make sure everything in the process is understood, and they return your emails and requests in a very timely manner. They even give their contact information so they can be reached at a later time if needed. We would DEFINITELY use and recommend their services again!”
Gayle H

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Business and Personal Tax Preparation Clients

My personal accountant is someone I would trust with my life. He provides an excellent service and I recommend him to anyone. One of the best decisions I ever made was to let him do what he is good at, and let me do what I am good at.
Jamie U

My accountant with Next Level is just awesome. He has done accounting work for several of my business entities over the years and I have come to trust and rely on his advice. There should be no reason to continue to attempt to do your books yourself. Focus on what you do best and let them do for you what they do best. Keep up the good work.
Jared S

My accountant is exactly what you want in an accountant. Organized, quick, responsive, accountable, and listens intently with a seasoned mind to assist/advice if/where necessary and follow when best. Above all, he’s a good guy.
Gary H

My accountant’s follow-through, attention to detail, and forward-thinking business sense have been refreshing. He is an innovator and always has a pulse on new business opportunities. More importantly, he’s a great person who has unwavering integrity and honesty. I give him my highest recommendation.
Landon T

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Next Level for the past 2 years and they have been key to our growth and success. Our accountant’s honesty, experience, and business knowledge has helped us project growth and prepare for the future. They have the financial knowledge to help individuals and businesses succeed!
Jared D

We loved the services provided by our accountant with Next Level. We no longer had to worry about how we were going to keep track of all of our expenses to get them ready for tax season
Isaac & Bianca H

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Business Credit Formation Clients

We have been super impressed with the knowledge and experience of our credit coach! He is always reachable by phone/email when we need something. We have talked on a schedule regularly for several months and haven’t missed a call. The instructions are very clear on what you need to do to get your business credit started successfully. By following his instructions we feel we are on the right path to having a successful business credit score which will open so many doors for our business.
Bethany A

PRIME explained to me all the different things that I needed to run a small online business. They put the many forms together for me and provided me the information I needed to complete them and get them all sent out. He also sent me information on where to apply for credit so I could build up a great credit rating for my business. I am now working on using their suggestions so I can qualify for 0% credit. They call me every 2 weeks to check how things are going along. I am so happy to have his wealth of insight at my doorstep! They will not let you down by leaving something important or helpful out
Sandy B

I  have a wonderful coach named Catherine who is a part of Prime Corporate, She has given me the tools to be successful in getting my Business credit lines. PRIME has stayed on top of our phone calls and when I need help with getting vendors she gave me what I needed.  I have obtained credit through some companies and building my business credit now. I would recommend other people to get into this program I have gained so much knowledge. I’m so happy to be a part of this program.
Sophia B

As our credit coach, we are grateful for your guidance and leadership to get us started. You have led us into a different world of business finances that we certainly would have found difficulties in navigating ourselves. Your continued communication on a regular and timely schedule have been more help than you realize. You have kept us on our toes to continue to learn and thrive in the world of business finance. As we grow in our business venture in the world of ecommerce, we look forward to having you as a contributing factor to our success. You have helped make this an exciting experience in our venture to achieve our business goals. Thanks again for your continuing aid and assistance.
Judy & David L

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