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Registered Agent

What’s a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is an individual or business entity that is designated to receive important legal and official documents on behalf of a company or organization.


Why should I get a Registered Agent for my business?

Privacy: Using a registered agent allows you to maintain privacy and confidentiality. Instead of your company’s name and address being publicly listed as the contact for legal matters, the registered agent’s address is used. This helps protect your personal or business address from being easily accessible to the public.

Legal Compliance: Many jurisdictions require businesses to have a registered agent to maintain compliance with state or local laws. By appointing a registered agent, you fulfill the legal requirement of having a designated representative for your business. Someone will physically be there to accept phone calls or mail in case of any legal compliance needs.

Service of Process: A registered agent ensures that legal documents, such as lawsuits, subpoenas, and other official notifications are properly delivered to your business. They accept these documents on your behalf and forward them to you in a timely manner, ensuring you don’t miss important deadlines or legal obligations.


DO NOT use your Registered Agent for

  • A Registered Agent and its associated address is NOT meant to be a post office
    (When registering for business services or making purchases, use your physical business or home address for all mail/shipping related items)
  • Bank/credit Card accounts
  • Utilities
  • Vehicle registration
  • Business address validation cards (Amazon/eBay/Google)
  • Providing legal advice
  • Business consulting or strategy
  • Non-Legal correspondence