Registering an LLC in California? You’ve probably got lots of questions, but one of your biggest queries might be about money. Just how much will it cost you to register in the state of California? If you want more comprehensive information about registering an LLC in California, check out our main informational page on the topic, but if you just want to focus on the funds, read on. We’ve consolidated all the information about upfront and ongoing costs right here. 

California LLC Online Filing Fee: $70

To form an LLC in California, you must pay a $70 filing fee when you submit your Articles of Organization. You will file and pay this fee through the California Secretary of State.

California Biennial Report Fee: $20

To file a required biennial report through the California Secretary of State, you can file a Statement of Information (Form LLC-12) or a Statement of Information No Change (Form LLC-12NC). 

California Annual Tax: $800

Each year, every California LLC must pay the $800 tax fee. LLCs which conducted no business and had a 15 day or less tax year are exempt from paying the first year of annual tax.

California LLC Fee: $900+

LLCs that make an annual revenue at or above $250,000 must pay a California LLC franchise tax of $900. The more revenue a business makes, the higher the fee

If you have questions about which fee bracket you fall under, reach out to one of our PRIME advisors for a free consultation

California Initial Report Fee: $20

Within the first 90 days of business, California LLCs must file a California LLCs must file  a Statement of Information (Form LLC-12)with the Secretary of State. There is a $20 fee.

Registered Agent Fee: $39+

California LLCs require an Agent for Service of Process. You can perform this role for your LLC with no associated fees, or you can hire a third party Registered Agent. We cover the pros and cons of either choice in a comprehensive article here, and we’re happy to discuss your options in a free consultation call as well. If you choose to hire a third party registered agent, your fee will depend on the agent you hire—prices will vary depending on the agency. 

Formation Fee for a Foreign LLC in California: $70

LLCs which are already registered in another state must be registered as a foreign LLC in California.

This filing fee costs $70 and can be filed through an Application to Register a Foreign Limited Liability Company (Form LLC-5).

Optional: Business Permits and Licenses

Most LLCs require some form of permit or license to conduct business in California. The cost of obtaining specific permits and/or licenses will vary by LLC. If you have any questions about your LLC’s requirements, schedule a consultation with a PRIME advisor

Other LLC Filing Costs

LLC Name Reservation: $10

You can reserve your name for a maximum of 60 days before your LLCs formation by paying $10 and filing the Name Reservation Request Form

Doing Business As (DBA) Name:

Fees vary by location of LLC. 

Certified Document Copies: $6+

You can order certified copies of each of your California business documents by paying $6 for the first page + $0.50 for each additional page through the Secretary of State.  

Certificate of Status: $5

The Certificate of Status, also known as the  California certificate of good standing can be obtained through the Secretary of State. The fee is $5. 

California LLC Formation: Additional Resources

If you’ve got questions about forming an LLC in California, PRIME is here to help. Schedule a free consultation, or check out these additional resources from our experts::